He saved a man's life, and now a Reading Hospital security guard is being honored with an outstanding citizenship award.  

"I was notified by a co-worker that was working in security that somebody was leaving the hospital, that something just did not seem right about their demeanor," said the guard, Scott Reeser, who recounted the moment he had to follow his gut instincts with a hospital outpatient.

On April 29, Reeser followed a distraught man into one of the hospital's parking garages.

"I just wanted to check with him and make sure everything was alright because he just seemed a little distraught and a little upset," Reeser said. "It was at that same point that I was approaching him, he happened to hop up on the edge of the garage."

Reeser said the man started to close his eyes and lean backwards off the garage wall. Within seconds, Reeser grabbed him as he was falling and managed to swing him onto a nearby ledge.

"Had it happened all over again, I think it was just a reaction that I had. I saw somebody that was in trouble. I just wanted to help them and I think I did nothing more than anybody else," said Reeser.

But state police see it differently. They said Reeser was doing more than just his job. He saved a man's life.

"He went above and beyond what would be expected of somebody in those circumstances. He put himself out there. He put himself in danger," said Dante Orlandi, commander, Troop L.

Because of Reeser's heroic actions, state police were able to rescue the man before he jumped off the second ledge.  Now months later, troopers honored Reeser with the outstanding citizenship award.

"He acted professionally, bravely and did a really outstanding job," said Orlandi.