There's a heartwarming ending to a story that seemed destined to end in tragedy.

A three-legged pitbull, who was missing for several days, was found Saturday morning alive and well.

69 News was there today as the Pitbull named Faith was reunited with her grateful owner.
Last Sunday, Faith ran off into the woods after being frightened when a tent fell on top of her during the Animal Rescue League's Pitbull-a-Palooza in Reading.

The dog's owner, her friends and members of the Animal Rescue League scoured the woods at Angelica Park all week.

Saturday morning, Faith was found sitting on an island in the Schuylkill River.

And she was very lucky to be spotted by a person using binoculars.

Bob Evans, who found the dog, said, "She blended in real well. If its wasn't for the binoculars, we probably would have never spotted her. When we first saw her, I said to my wife I think I found her. She said 'I think it's a rock.' I noticed an ear and rocks don't have ears."

Evans walked into the river and got Faith out.

Faith's front leg was amputated four months ago after she was hit by a car and left for dead in Reading.