A tractor trailer and a car came to a crashing halt on the railroad tracks in Berks County late Wednesday afternoon.

The accident was reported around 5:15 p.m. at the crossing near the intersection of North Home and East Centre avenues in Topton.

The truck was split by the train, with parts on both sides of the track and the train sitting in the middle.

Police said the tractor trailer driver had just dropped off a load of batteries at Deka when he got lost.

Alton Russell of Daytona, Florida, parked on the train tracks and went inside a diner to get directions.

Russell ran back outside but wasn't able to move the truck in time.

Police said the truck was totaled.

Damage to the train and warning lights was estimated at more than $300,000.

Russell, 65,  is being charged with causing or risking a catastrophe and other charges.

He was taken into custody and is awaiting arraignment.