The man accused of gunning down a father and shooting his son in Reading is heading to trial. 

Vincent Minto walked out of District Judge Wally Scott's courtroom and back to the Berks County Jail after being held for court on murder charges.

Minto stands accused of killing Clifford McFarlane in the 800 block of Elm Street in Reading on July 7.

"Part of us was taken because I can't seem to make sense of it, how it happened or why it happened," said Nadine Edwards, McFarlane's sister-in-law.

McFarlane's son, Marlone, was also shot, but he survived. He took the stand and told the court he was shot four times in his car while waiting for his father after leaving the Gargoyle Lounge.

Marlone is muscling through a painful recovery, but what hurts the most is the sudden loss of his father.

"His father was his right hand, and losing his father takes such a big big impact on him and the entire family," said Edwards.

The man who police said captured and beat Minto unconscious also testified. In court, he identified the suspect on surveillance video. He said he heard a barrage of gunfire and saw Minto running into a nearby alley. The witness raced after him, fired two shots into the air, then fought him until police arrived. That's when Minto allegedly said, "A long time ago your friends should be dead."

Minto's friends were also in court and claimed he's innocent.

"In the whole situation, he's the victim. He's the one who was beat. He's the one who spent time in the hospital from being beat, and I just think he's innocent," said Minto's friend, who did not want to release his name.

A motive for this killing was not revealed in court Wednesday.

Minto is being held without bail on murder and attempted murder charges.