Man suing over traffic stop addresses Berks commissioners

Posted: 5:44 PM EST Jan 02, 2014   Updated: 6:56 PM EST Jan 02, 2014
Ricardo Nieves

A man who's suing the city over a national group's traffic study made his case to the Berks County Commissioners on Thursday.

Ricardo Nieves said he was driving on Laurel Street in Reading when he was ushered into a parking lot and asked to give breath, saliva and blood samples for cash.

It was part of a study by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Nieves said he thinks his rights were violated.

"People believe that I am doing this for the money. I want to be very clear and succinct on this. This is not about the money. My lawyer is doing this pro bono. This is a public good," Nieves said.

The agency said the study is voluntary and anonymous. We tried reaching the city for comment, but have yet to hear back.