The Mega Millions jackpot has climbed to $586 million, making it the second largest payout ever. People across Berks County are hoping to win big before the holidays.

"I just saw that it was half a billion so figured why not," said Deric Hettinger of West Lawn.

"You would be foolish not to. Somebody has to win," said Victoria Kintzer of Sinking Spring.

The odds of winning Tuesday night's drawing are 1 in 259 million and no one has won since the lottery increased the pool of numbers in October. Still, that is not stopping many people from trying their luck.

"It only takes a dollar to win so why not take a shot," said Robert Palmertree of Shillington.

Everyone we spoke with says $586 million is a lot of money and they all want to share the wealth with friends and family.

"Help everybody I know out. Maybe stop working," said Hettinger.

Other people even want to share the wealth with strangers.

"I would share it with my family and friends and do some scholarships and charities," said Kintzer.

"I have always wanted to help children and if there is a chance to get that kind of money, it would be nice to help children that are sick," said Palmertree.

If there are no winners Tuesday night, lottery officials say the pot for Friday night's drawing could increase to $800 million. If no one wins Friday night, it could climb close to $1 billion by Christmas.