Every time you step into a store and swipe that card, you run the risk of someone stealing your personal information.

But that risk is becoming more real for shoppers, after at least two large retailers have experienced data breaches over the past few months.

"It is difficult as a shopper when you use your debit card a lot. It is tied into your banking so it is a little frightening," said Kevin Brautigan of Spring Twp., Berks Co.

Michaels just announced it may have experienced a data breach and it wants to warn customers especially after one million card numbers were compromised through a Nieman Marcus breach and 40 million were stolen through a Target breach.

Customers say they are not surprised by this growing trend and they expect it to continue.

"I think it was bound to happen. Computers are the world and everybody is hacking them," said Margo Sofa of Bernville.

"I believe it is going to be even worse in the years to come," said Jessa Holland of Robesonia.

Shoppers tell us they are concerned this is going to become a growing problem so they are taking extra precautions.

"I make sure I always check my bank statement on a daily basis just to make sure there are no charges on there I am not aware of," said Brautigan.

"I actually have a service that monitors my credit that I pay for monthly to notify me if there is any strange activity," said Holland.

In addition to checking your statements, Michaels encourages customers to get a free credit check and look for accounts you did not open. If you are a victim of identity theft or fraud, report it to law enforcement immediately.