A power line that isn't even up yet is already a dividing line in Sinking Spring.

Representatives from PPL said they want to build a transmission line through the Berks County borough. The company said the line would prevent extended outages for thousands of customers.

"It's necessary," said Joe Nixon, a PPL spokesman. "It's part of our responsibility as an electric utility to provide safe and reliable power."

But people who live in the borough said they are concerned the value of their homes will go down.

"Best case? Just not have it go through there," said David Hoffman, a Sinking Spring resident. "Have it go through somewhere else."

Another problem lingers: Sinking Spring's revitalization project, BOSS 2020, could hinge on PPL's plans. Borough officials said the 1.3-mile line would cut into a large part of their plans. PPL said it's willing to talk things over.

"Transmission lines do not effectively shut down development," Nixon said.

Mastermind of BOSS 2020, Sam Loth, said he thinks otherwise.

Proposed power line sparks concern in Sinking Spring "What would you rather have: a big power line on hundred-foot poles with weeds growing underneath it, or would you rather be able to sit down have a drink at a cafe? You tell me," said Loth.

Despite the setback, he said the plan isn't dead.

"Let's work together," said Loth. "PPL, BOSS 2020, the borough, people in the neighborhood. Let's all work together to figure it out."

Nixon said he doesn't think people will have to choose between more reliable power and a revitalized downtown.