The Reading School Board will vote at a future meeting to adopt a resolution that amends the district's social media policy for faculty, staff and administrators.

The district's current policy is behind in terms of staff social media policy, according to Khalid Mumin, the district's superintendent.

“This is a policy we felt we had to bring to the forefront because we are behind in regards to technology," Mumin stated.

The current policy, Mumin said, doesn’t do enough to restrict faculty and staff from engaging in electronic communication with students.

“We need a policy that’s up to date, which protects employees as well as students,” he said.

The revision will add and amend language to the district’s current policy. Some of the language being added includes prohibiting the use of video and pictures of students for anything other than educational purposes and strengthening what the district would consider inappropriate social media posts by staff.

One section of the policy’s revision prohibits, “Posting, downloading, receiving, sending, and/or retaining inappropriate, vulgar, or obscene language or materials”

The district also added language to the policy that prohibits "friending" or adding students on a social network for any reason except to "enhance the educational goals of the district" and mentions that any web-based tool used in the classroom must be clearly educational.

"One of the things we’re attempting to address is making sure photos and posts are educational in value," Mumin said.

Repercussions for violating the revisions to the code include disciplinary action and possible termination of employment at the discretion of the superintendent.

Assistant Superintendent Chris Celmer asked the board to provide feedback by the first week of October, when the board will likely revisit the amendments to the policy and proceed with the adoption of the resolution.