Residents of one neighborhood in Reading say they're fed up waiting for the city to come and replace a light post they say was damaged last summer.

For those who live on the 600 block of Willow street in Reading, the replacement of a much needed light post is long overdue.

“A car hit the light pole here and that was like last summer. They hit it, the city came and took the post out but they never replaced it again since last summer,” said resident Ricardo Gonzalez.

WFMZ reached out to the Mayor's office for a response but did not receive a call back.

Residents say they're tired of not seeing anyone take action.

“I called like two weeks ago and the lady said 'ah ok, we ordered it, it hasn't come in but I'll put an order that you're complaining' and that's it” said neighbor Jose Coriano.

Neighbors say they're now fearful of leaving their homes at night and given all the shade provided by the many trees, it makes it even darker once the sun goes down.

“It's very dark, there's a lot of things going on in the streets. a lot of stealing and everything. so everybody's really concerned about it,” said Gonzalez.

“There's been a couple of broken in cars so it's a safety issue. A lot of people are afraid to walk around here 'cause it's so dark,” added Coriano.

Neighbors hope the city will do something after hearing their complaints, but until it happens they say staying indoors may be safer.

“At night it's very dark on this corner, and if we had more light, we could feel more secure,” said neighbor Nonie Singleton.