The snow storms this winter are wreaking havoc on vehicles throughout Berks County.>> ROB VAUGHN: Today... hundreds of people said enough is enough... and found a way to take care of the problem. WFMZ's Jennifer Joas reports. >>REPORTER: Hundreds of drivers...>>NAT>>REPORTER: ...flocked to Auto Spa of Wyomissing Friday afternoon.... >>NAT:>>REPORTER: ...all to take care of the same problem. >>TIM MOYER: "We came to get our car washed because it's filthy.">>MICHELLE BOSCH: "Snow piling up and I'm just trying to keep it clean.">>REPORTER: But for Jim was more than just visibly seeing the outside of his car dirty. >>JIM CATCHMARK: "I'm a mechanic and I was underneath a bunch of cars today and a lot of salt and a lot of frame rot. So I thought, you know what, I better get my car in and get it washed.">>STANDUP: "On an average winter day Auto Spa can see up to 700 cars come through their car wash and most people we've spoken with chose to clean their undercarriage.">>PITTS: "Especially with the Ford you have to take care of the break lines or the salt will really eat them up.">>CONNIE CIRULLI: "Salt eats a lot of paint away and rusts your car so that's why I try and keep it clean.">>NAT: CARS DRIVING DOWN ROAD>>REPORTER: But as old man winter has shown us already... >>PITTS: "We've had 10 snow storms. I've had to plow seven times. It's been a busy winter.">>REPORTER: Customers know the sight of a clean, shiny car is only temporary.>>CATCHMARK: "I'm very happy. I'm going to put it home in the garage." >>reporter: