State police continue their search for the person who aimed a laser pointer at a military aircraft in Berks County.

The incident happened over the weekend in North Heidelberg Township. Although it might not sound serious, it is actually a federal crime.

According to the FAA, these types of incidents have dramatically increased over the past few years. In fact, there have been more than 3,600 since just 2005, and it can be a very dangerous situation for both the pilot and passengers on board.

"It could temporarily impair the pilot's vision and also it could lead to permanent problems in some extreme cases," said Sandra Moore, chief flight instructor for Reading Air.

That is why state police got involved when someone pointed a laser at a military aircraft Friday evening.

Flight instructors said the lasers can be powerful and come in many different colors, all of which can be dangerous.

"It could cause them not to be able to see other traffic. If it was on landing, it might cause them to have a problem like that. Anything with vision. We rely on vision so strongly in the aviation industry," said Moore.

At this point, police have no suspects. The penalty for pointing a laser at a plane is $250,000 and five years in federal prison.