The Salvation Army in Berks Co., is hoping the snow doesn't ruin their holiday donation drive.

The non-profit says it is nowhere near meeting its donation goal for the holiday season, and they say the snow is partly to blame.

"At the moment, it's still a little scary," said Major Colin DeVault, corps commander with The Salvation Army in Reading.

Last Tuesday, snowy weather cut into donations because fewer shoppers came out, officials said.

Then on Saturday, snowy conditions were so bad volunteer kettle workers on duty were sent home, officials said.

"Then the storm really hit, and nobody was out shopping, and it wasn't safe to have people out," DeVault said.

Donations received by The Salvation Army help provide thousands of needy residents in Berks County with clothing and food.

"It's already a short shopping season with the Thanksgiving holiday back one week. It shortens up the time, so it's tough out there," DeVault said.

Officials say they will be turning to their faith as they push forward in this final days to try to meet their goal of $200,000.