Members of Congress are on the front lines of health care.

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey and Rep. Joe Pitts put on scrubs and toured Reading Hospital in West Reading on Tuesday.

The lawmakers said it's the busiest emergency room in the state and visits like this help them shape policy in Washington.

"For me, it's mostly about learning from the experts here so that it'll inform my judgement and help me to make a constructive contribution back in Washington," Toomey said.

"The health care industry still is a growth industry. They are providing jobs, but we need to help them so they have a lot of certainty in the future," Pitts said.

Toomey and Pitts said they plan to work to end Medicare's Sustainable Growth Rate or SG R. That is what's currently used to control spending by Medicare on physician services, but opponents said it threatens doctors' reimbursements.

Legislation in both the Senate and House would repeal it.