Police arrested a used car salesman for allegedly ripping off dozens of customers and pocketing almost $1-million.

"I am totally shocked. I had no idea," said Junk to Jazz Owner Crissy Cerankowski.

Crissy Cerankowski was in disbelief when she found out Second Chance Auto Sales in Cumru Township, a business directly across the street from hers, was allegedly ripping off dozens of customers.

"I would never even think that anything like that was going on. But wow. I cannot believe it," said Cerankowski.

Police say burned customers tipped them off to Troy Wible, 49, the owner of Second Chance Auto Sales. During a six month investigation detectives say they found he was conducting illegal activities dating back to December 2012. Police say over the last year the owner ripped off 61 customers, four business associates and two lending companies.

Detectives say some of the illegal activities included selling vehicles on consignment without reimbursing the original owner and collecting money for titles and transfers without notifying PennDOT. The total loss is $950,000.

"I hope that this type of activity and this arrest would deter anyone else in that type of business from engaging in that type of activity," said Berks County District Attorney John Adams.

Others like Cerankowski are happy they never did business with Wible.

"I had no idea. No clue. As a matter of fact, I almost went to him to get a car for my son. Thank goodness I did not," said Cerankowski.

Wible is facing charges including theft and forgery. He turned himself in, after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was released on $100,000 unsecured bail.