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Police: Curfew not answer to curbing violence in Easton's west ward

Is curfew answer to curbing violence in Easton

EASTON, Pa. - Bullets flew in Easton's west ward for the second time in 24 hours, so is a curfew the answer to curbing such violence?

The latest rain of gunfire took place just before 10 p.m. Monday in the 1400 block of Ferry Street, where residents said two people shot at a person driving an SUV.

Police caught up with the driver and are looking for the triggermen.

"I heard this boom," said William Eggleston. "The next thing you know I hear 'pop, pop, pop.' My girl sat up. I threw her down on the ground and laid on top of her. I grabbed my gun and went downstairs."

Gunmen shot at an SUV, and while the driver tried to get away, he hit two cars. Police caught up with the driver, but investigators said he has not been fully cooperative.

"When you are speaking to victims, and you're speaking to witnesses, the information that they're giving us is what we really have to go on to solve these crimes," said Chief Carl Scalzo, Easton Police Department.

The shooting happened just two blocks away from where a 17-year-old boy was shot Sunday.

Some residents said, with all the teens walking around in the area, police should enforce a curfew.

"We haven't identified that as the root of the problems that we're seeing," added Scalzo. "There are many, many things that we can do to try and help us combat the crime that we are seeing."

Police said they are working with residents in the west ward and are changing patrol tactics, but wouldn't give specifics.

"I'm hopeful that in these weeks coming they are going to see a great improvement in that effort," said Scalzo.

The question now is whether the cops will stop the crime before neighbors have to react first.

"If they come here, they're in the wrong neighborhood because everybody has a license to carry," said Eggleston. "There is about 12 of us and we are not putting up with this crap."

Investigators haven't said if both shootings are connected.

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