Dogs are man's best friend and often considered a part of the family. But many dogs do not have a place of their own to run around and play freely. One Spring Township woman has big dreams of building a dog park in the area, but she needs your help.

Spring Township resident Sandy Imboden is the owner of a three year old pup.

"Having an Australian shepherd who has a lot of energy, I knew I needed to run her out at least an hour every day," said Spring Township resident Sandy Imboden.

But with a small back yard and the closest dog park 25 minutes away, it is hard for her dog to get enough exercise. So she decided to create a video and enter the Purina Beneful dream dog park contest.

"I decided I needed to have something with pizzazz," said Imboden.

Sandy decided to dress as a ring master and create a model of a three ring circus dog park with an elephant spraying water from its trunk, miniature fountains, tunnels and much more.

"There is a big box of balls on the dog side for the dogs who like fetching. There is some rope for the dogs who like to tug and of course there will be plenty of space for the dogs to run, to chase tails and have fun," said Imboden.

There will also be a bubble gum machine with dog treats.

If she wins the contest, Purina will bring the three-ring circus dog park to life for all dogs in the area at no cost to the community.

"It is where people can talk to each other, make new friends and just forget about all the problems going on around us," said Imboden.

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