A woman who has been a student at Reading High School for less than a week is accused of calling in a bomb threat to the high school Wednesday morning.

Police say the student responsible is 18-year-old Diamond Bown.

They say Bown used a pay phone to call the school to make the threat.

What she didn't know was that the school had caller I.D.     

Police traced the number to a phone at 10th and Robeson in Reading.    

There just happened to be security cameras nearby recording her on the phone.

When police gave the green light that students could return, some told 69 News they had had enough for one day, and instead of going back to class, decided to go home.

Others say Reading High has lots of good kids and they're hoping to put this behind them.

Students were sent to Northeast Middle School and the Intermediate High School while police searched the building.

Police gave the all-clear and classes resumed before noon.

As for a motive , police say Bown was trying to get attention.

She's facing a long list of charges, including threats to use weapons of mass destruction.

Bown is being held in the Berks County Jail, unable to post $100,000 bail.