at the berks county elections office it's all hands on deck. the office is busy processing thousands of voter registrations... >>wendy davis: election officials are also busy training poll workers... and they say they still need more. wfmz's maria salazar has the story. >>>robert garmer, poll worker in robesonia:i like helping the community. they need people to work the polls. >>>debbie olivieri, berks county election services: there's 125 that participated in today's classes now and we have several classes now through election day.>>>nat:in the morning, when you turn this machine on...>>>reporter: the berks county elections office is counting on 12 hundred poll workers on election day, november 8th. before the polls open, it's training time.>>>nat:"lower the ballot box...">>>richard palsgrove:i love doing it. it's like a hobby.>>>reporter: some folks at this training session at the ag center in bern township have been helping for years...>>>neil wurster: i'm a lower hiedelberg, sinking spring, and we have like 12 hundred in our area so i get to know the neighbors.>>>debbie olivieri, berks county election services: the people that you see here are very dedicated to doing the job and we'd like to get other people interested in it. you know, the younger generation. >>>maria salazar: and, officials say it's not too late to sign up to be a poll worker on november 8th. >>>debbie olivieri, berks county election services:we're looking for interpreters and we're looking for poll workers. we can always use them. we never turn anybody away.>>>reporter: poll workers and interpreters are paid 110 dollars for the day. berks county also has a student poll worker program. >>>debbie olivieri, berks county election services: people are surprised at actually what goes on in trying to conduct an election and what the poll workers do. >>>reporter: in bern township,