Officials representing a restaurant and brewery in West Reading said a woman took hundreds of dollars from the business on Wednesday.

Chatty Monks, 610 Penn Avenue, was paid a visit by a woman claiming to be collecting money for a charitable cause. She asked for the manager, and before he came out to see her, he said she took hundreds of dollars from behind the bar.

"A little angry about it," said Nick Cacchione, manager of Chatty Monks.

The manager said surveillance video caught the woman going behind the bar to swipe the bank bag. She appeared to be hiding the bag under her shirt. Then, the manager said she asked for a family donation, adding that her niece was killed in a car accident.

‚ÄčIt's not clear yet if her story is true. Two minutes after she left, the manager said he noticed the money was gone.

"This is something that local people have heard before, especially the retail shops, and have seen this girl do the same thing," said Cacchione.

With more than 1,700 shares of the surveillance pictures on Facebook, officials with Chatty Monks said they hope their customers can help identify the woman.