Adams said the private citizen demanded that they stop and wait for police. He said when the robbers refused and pulled out their guns, the citizen shot them in self-defense.

"He needed to defend himself because if he would not have used force, he himself may have suffered the wrath of those two gun-toting robbers," said Adams.

Adams said he does not condone violence on the streets of Reading, but the man did what he had to do to protect himself. He also has some advice for those ever in a similar situation.

"For the average citizen, if they did not possess a gun, making observations would be helpful, but be careful when confronting someone who has a gun. You have to be careful in these situations because no one wants to see anyone else get hurt," said Adams.

In addition to being exempt from criminal charges, Adams said because of the Castle Doctrine, the shooter now has civil protection from being sued by the families.