Kutztown University celebrated its 150th birthday Thursday with cake, ice cream and ideas for the future.

"This 150th anniversary is really just a culminating event to show that community within our college," said graduate student Jessica Burns.

Kutztown is celebrating its sesquicentennial. Current and past students, faculty and officials gathered for the bash.

"We often think of these as celebrations," said Kutztown University President Kenneth Hawkinson.

"It's also a time to reflect on all the things we still have to do, all of the challenges ahead, all the potential we still have to create an educated workforce and awaking young minds."

It was named Kutztown State Teachers College when it first opened its doors in 1866.

The university has managed to preserve several memories, including pictures of the original Keystone State Normal School building, constructed in 1865. It's the oldest photo that exists of the university.

The highlight of the event was a time capsule. It will be buried on campus and opened 50 years from now.

Molly Gallagher, president of the student government, wrote a letter for future students to read when they finally open that time capsule.

"Kutztown University has shaped us to be the leaders that this society needs to end recent acts of violence and reject painful stereotypes," said Gallagher. "We will be the students who bring back peace and let people love who they want to love."

As part of the celebration, students from Berks, Schuylkill and Lehigh counties applying to Kutztown University will have their application fees waived until mid-October.