Kutztown University students are standing raising awareness on violence against women on campus.

The Kutztown University Women's Center hosted the clothesline project Thursday.

Close to a hundred t-shirts, all representing survivors and victims of violence were hung out side the Old Main building.

One of the t-shirts was dedicated to Christine McGhee, a Kutztown University student who died from her injuries after police say she was dragged by her boyfriend in his truck in 2008.

“She had brain damage, and never really recovered, that was in 2008. She died in 2012. It really left an impact on the community here at Kutztown University because it was very violent,” said Grace Hill, director of the KU Women's Center.

Coincidentally, the trial to determine the fate of the accused, Michael Morrone, is set to begin next Monday.

Hill says advocates against violence plan to attend the trial.

“We have a group of people that are going to rotate going down there and I know Berks Women in Crisis is also going to provide people to be there to represent Christine McGhee,” said Hill.

Thursday night, the University's Feminist Majority Leadership alliance and the Women's center also hosted its annual 'Take Back the Night' event.