The Muhlenberg School Board on Wednesday voted 7-1 to adopt a resolution to authorize the issuance of a general obligation bond of up to $12 million; it will support the district's "Blueprint for Success" initiative.

Board member Thomas Gross was the dissenting vote.

Muhlenberg's goal is to use the bond to support the district's plan to invest in infrastructure, renovations, security, and technology upgrades to bring the school district into the realm of 21st century learning.

The board has the opportunity to seek a bond of up to $12M, but it can choose to seek an amount it deems necessary to support the "blueprint's" initiatives.

The district plans to use the bond to renovate the current C.E. Cole building in order to house the district's growing IT and special education departments, upgrade security systems, construct new soccer fields on campus, Pre-K initiatives and general maintenance and repair work.

Wednesday's meeting began with a presentation regarding the district's "Blueprint for Success. One section of the presentation revolved around technological growth and education.

Muhlenberg entered a technological boom over the last two years, instituting 63 "engaged classrooms" throughout the district. Those are classrooms equipped with either a Chromebook or an iPad for each student, part of the government's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiatives.     

As part of the "Blueprint for Success," the district will use the bond to install WiFi and implement technology in every classroom within the next 10 years.

"We're an emerging district," said Alan Futrick, the district's assistant superintendent. "This blueprint has given direction and focus and is helping us align all of our resources to helping our kids succeed.”

The final approval for the amount of the bond will be voted on in a future meeting. The board can take its time to decide on the amount needed, but will need to use the bond within three years after it’s issued.