OLEY TWP., Pa. -

It's a sign that summer is winding down. The gates have opened at the Oley Valley Community Fair.

"We got great commercial exhibits, here which basically produce a lot of agricultural showcases for the community," said Kevin Bieber, the Oley Fair. "We teach everybody about agriculture, let them know where their food comes from."

The fair opened in style with plenty of animals, kids and food on hand.

"I've enjoyed the stands, the exhibits," said Austin Coale of Pottstown, Montgomery County.

A bonus for the fair-goers was the impeccable weather.

"It's very beautiful. No rain. It's not hot. It's a very beautiful day," said fair-goer Stephanie Watson.

"Couldn't vouch for a better day," said Coale. "It's better than it's been in a long while, I'll tell you."

Maybe it's the last ride of summer. Maybe folks have their hearts set on autumn. Whichever direction you're looking, this time of year belongs to the Oley Fair.

"Not that the other fairs are not community-minded, but we do all of our own food," said Bieber. "Everything that we do here is under the Oley Valley Community Fair name."