first debate in less than a week. >>>wendy davis: despite a setback by vandals, an exhibit at the reading public museum has become its most popular exhibit ever... but the time to check out the display is almost up. wfmz's jim vasil has more. >>nat dinosaur roar >>john smith "it's been been a fantastic show for us, and things still aren't slowing down.">>reporter it's a last roar for the reading public museum.>>nat roar>>reporter passport to pangea is about to go the way of the dinosaurs... when it ends its run on october 2nd. but for the museum, it's been ?more than a good run... >>john smith "we had it here for five months, as opposed to the usual three months that we have most of our exhibitions.">>reporter the museum says this was their most attended event in their history... and since the exhibit is still going on, the attendance numbers have not come through yet. but they say easily, tens of thousands of people have come through. >>john smith "we saw huge numbers throughout the entire run of the show, even since kids have been back in school, we're still seeing 500 people a day on the weekends." >>reporter of course, there were those who tried to wreck the fun. one animatronic spinosaurus outside the museum was ruined by vandals in early july. but almost as quickly as it was ruined, the community helped raise 10-thousand dollars to fix it. >>john smith "i think once the vandalism happened it dawned on people that this could be a shorter-lived exhibition than we had planned.">>reporter the spinosaurus was moving in no time. and though he'll be gone in less than two weeks, it won't spell extinction for dino's at the museum... >>john smith "watch for the return of dinosaurs -maybe different kinds of dinosaurs- but another dinosaur exhibition in 2018 as well.">>nat roarin reading, jim vasil, 69 news.