It has been days since the ice storm wreaked havoc across southeastern Pennsylvania, cutting off power to thousands of people.

More than 130,000 people are still in the dark in both Montgomery and Chester counties and they may not get power restored for another two days. That is the case along River Road in North Coventry Township, Chester County.

"We just have not had any power. Thankfully we had a generator from Sandy last year," said Britney Blocher of North Coventry Township.

Homeowners lost power on Wednesday morning after a tree landed on a transmitter during the ice storm.

"The sky lit up. It was blue. It was the scariest thing I think I ever saw," said Melissa Albright of North Coventry Township.

They have been in the dark ever since.

"We have well water here so we cannot use that. The septic does not work and we have no heat. So it is aggravating," said Eric Streicher of North Coventry Township.

After two nights without power, Irene Pettit's house is already down to 42 degrees.

"I have already drained the pipes in my house and everything. I cannot cook. I have not opened my refrigerator or freezer. I am afraid to even look in there," said Irene Pettit of North Coventry Township.

Despite knowing the source of where this power outage happened, PECO still has not been out to fix the line because they are repairing lines that affect more customers. So people that live along River Road in North Coventry Township are being told they could be in the dark until Sunday.

"It is horrible. It is getting really irritating. But I understand PECO is out there. I know they are doing everything they can," said Blocher.

"I do not ever want to go through this again. I am getting a generator this summer and getting it hooked up. I learned my lesson this time," said Pettit.

PECO has more than 5,000 workers in the field trying to restore power.