If there's a way to make safer Route 222 near the border between Berks and Lancaster counties, drivers will take it.

"Towards the end of the day, during rush hour, it gets pretty crazy there," said Jake Staples, who drives to and from work on Route 222.

PennDOT is looking to reduce the risk of a driver crossing into oncoming traffic. The solution: high-tension cable median dividers, already seen in parts of Berks County.

Three stretches of road, including Route 222 near the Lancaster-Berks border, and Interstate 78 near the Lebanon-Berks border, are going to see the dividers. Neither highway is new to accidents.

Ontelaunee Township-based MorganRail is taking on the $2.5 million project.

"High-tension cable is a softer, better system," said Gary Hadden of MorganRail. "If your car would ever hit it, or a truck, it has basically a softer impact."

"Hopefully, it raises safety," said Staples, "because too many problems I've noticed with people who are just trying to get where they're going so fast that they have no problem cutting people off."

Along the three stretches of road, PennDOT said it will install 138,000 feet of dividers, which is just more than 26 miles.

"They're having great success with it and they're using it to prevent median crossovers," said Hadden.

The project will wrap up in August.