Poor conditions in a neighborhood park in Reading had residents fired up on Tuesday, at Riverfront Park, located at Third and Spruce streets in Reading.

Denise Lane, who was holding her 2-year-old grandson's birthday party at the park on Tuesday, said she had to clean up a big mess before the party got underway.

"There was a big pile of feces under the table before I could put my food up there," said Lane. "I had to watch the children carefully. They're falling on glass and everything. I have to bring my own broom out here."

Other neighbors showed 69 News the empty spots in the park where water fountains used to sit.

The entrance gate to the roller rink was also torn off the hinges.

"I'm from New York," said Ismael Figueroa, "and not even the worse neighborhood in New York has a park looking like this."

If you were looking for a spot to sit down and take a rest, that was out of the question, too. Many of the benches were torn out.

City officials say they have tried to replace them, but criminals keep stealing them.

Students with the RBI League volunteer to clean up the park in exchange for baseball practice, but they say there's only so much they can do.

"We do what we can for the park, but certain things are beyond our control," said Steve Torres, director of the RBI League.

City officials say they have tried to replace all the damaged items, but time and time again, they are stolen or vandalized.

Authorities say a summer program will get underway in a few days, and students will participate in cleaning up the park.