Toddler needs reconstructive surgery after pit bull attack

Posted: 10:30 PM EDT Sep 02, 2013   Updated: 11:22 PM EDT Sep 02, 2013

We begin the Berks Edition with a frightening ordeal for a Reading family. A toddler -- a little boy just under two years old -- was attacked by his family's pit bull. Tonight, that young boy is in the hospital recovering. WFMZ's Dwayne Parker is live in Reading with more. Dwayne >> DWAYNE PARKER: Rob .... this is not the Labor Day this family had in mind. They say the pit bull ... who's name is Atilla ... has never attacked any of the kids before .... that is ... until today. >> REPORTER: On this home ... you can clearly see signs that read: "beware of dog." But family members never thght THEY were the ones who had to be on guard. The warning was for this 4-year-old pit bull named Atilla. They say Atilla attacked 23-month old Enrique Spearman. The toddler's mother was so upset she didn't want to show her face on camera. >> MOTHER: They grew up together more or less. He's a family dog. I don't know. You just can't find the words to explain it. I can't. Not at all.>> REPORTER: The attack happened just before noon, in the 500 block of S. 9th Street in Reading. Little Enrique was rushed to Hershey Medical Center where his father says he will undergo reconstructive surgery near his chin and neck. Some neighbors say they were also shocked by the attack. >> NICOLE: And it is surprising to hear that a pit bull attacked a 2-year-old. They're generally loving. Yes, they're loving. It all depends on the owner.>> REPORTER: Family members say Atilla is one of the family ... and are trying to figure out what caused him to attack an innocent toddler. >> MOTHER: It's wierd, out of the blue, not expeed, and it hurts on both parts because he's part of the family. So, I don't know. >> DWAYNE PARKER: The father says he will get rid of the dog ... he no longer can trust it in the home with the other young children in the house. They also say little Enrique is expected to okay ... and will turn 2 this month. Live in Reading, Dwayne Parker, 69 News.