A Berks County man's mission to raise money for charity has come to a devastating halt.

This summer, 32-year-old Jared Fenstermacher began a trip to help others. Now, others are helping him. 

The Mohrsville man planned to raise $10,000 by biking 3,000 miles. 

 "When he told me he was doing this, I said to my husband, 'There's no talking him out of it,'" said his mother, Lynn Fenstermacher. 

Jared biked for a charity known as "For Pete's Sake," which helps cancer patients. He wanted to honor the memory of his grandfather, who died of cancer and had shown him the joys of cycling.

Jared said he had biked competitively since his senior year of college. His journey began in Astoria, Oregon, on July 25 and planned to arrive in Ocean City, New Jersey, on August 25.

"He had a GPS tracking device on him, which we kind of followed the whole way across, so we could see where he was, and it stopped," said Lynn.  

On the 18th day of the ride, August 11, a truck hit Jared in Iowa.

"He hit me from behind, and that's all I really remember," said Jared.

The driver who hit Jared didn't have insurance and will pay only a $750 fine, according to multiple reports.

"I'm not sure which was the worst phone call, the police or my husband. You know? The second words out of his mouth was, 'He's paralyzed'" Lynn recalled.

Jared suffered a concussion, two broken arms, and he has no feeling in the lower half of his body. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for his medical bills. 

"Jared is a really hard worker and saver, and he stands to lose all of that," said Lynn.

After spending a month at a hospital in Iowa, Jared returned to Pennsylvania on September 9. He's now at the Magee Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia.

"It makes it harder to deal with since cycling is my favorite thing to do, period, in life," Jared said. 

Doctor's have said Jared won't walk again, but he remains hopeful that someday he will. 

"He's just got a positive outlook, and I think you need that," said Lynn. 

He and his family said wearing a helmet might have saved his life. 

"Hopefully, if anything, people will look at what happened to Jared and get a sense of what can happen, and what a family can go through when you're not paying attention," said Lynn.