Authorities have identified the man killed in an accident involving a snow plow as Gilbert R. Birdsey, age 71, of the 400 block of N. 6th Street in Reading.

An autopsy on Birdsley is scheduled for 5pm Tuesday

Emergency crews rushed to 6th and Penn Streets on Monday around 11:20 a.m.

"I was kind of sad about the whole thing. I saw all the blood and it is just a shame anything like this happened," said Jarrod Gehris of Reading.

When crews arrived, they found the vehicle that hit Birdsley was a city plow.

Ella Pelter witnessed the accident and says the plow truck was making a left turn onto Penn Street when it hit Birdsley

"The guy got out of the truck and ran over to him and started to turn him over," said Ella Pelter of Reading.

Others in the area were shocked that a plow truck was involved.

"Being a plow truck, it is supposed to be extra safe and he is supposed to drive slow.

So I cannot believe something like this could happen. It is sad to see this happened," said Gehris.

People say the intersection has the necessary crosswalk and signage. But what makes it dangerous is the number of cars driving through the area.

"It can happen to anybody so be careful and watch what you are doing when you are crossing the street," said Pelter.

Police, public works and the mayor's office are not commenting on this accident at this time, so it is not clear who is at fault.

Investigators reopened the 500 block of Penn Street after it had been shut down for more than three hours.