It's pretty common to see crowds waiting for the bus most days along Race Street in Hanover Twp., Lehigh Co.

"I take the LANTA bus every morning," said Idelisa Quilters.

"I take the bus every day to work," Candido Young added.

Many folks who work in the area rely on the bus to get to and from their jobs.  Some said they're gambling with their lives every time they're at the bus stop.

"I wouldn't feel safe for myself or anyone at all honestly," Quiles explained.  "Several times, I've almost gotten hit just getting off the bus to cross the street to come to work, and it's just crazy, not safe at all."

Bus riders told us the traffic along Race Street plays a big part.

"Sometimes I be waiting there like five to 10 minutes just to cross," described Young.  "Nobody is going to stop."

"People just won't let you go," Quiles shared. "They'll just keep going. They'll just fly. They won't stop."

There are multiple bus stops along Race Street, and they're on both sides of the road, but riders said there isn't much space to stand, making them wait very close to oncoming traffic.

"At this point, I think it's a safety hazard for employees," explained Sheryl Rhodes, vice president of sales and marketing at FMI,. "How many people have to die before the township does something?"

A local woman started a petition to make some changes along Race Street after the fatal accident nearby in 2012. So far, nothing has been done about it.

LANTA officials, however, said they're working to get grant money to add curbs, crosswalks, and signage to improve the safety at the bus stops.