The Northampton Area School Board has given the district administration permission to look at borrowing $29.2 million to help build a new middle school.

The school board on Monday night voted to allow the administration to work with PFM to issue general obligation bonds that will help fund Northampton's new $80 million middle school.

Superintendent Joseph Kovalchick said the district is expected to borrow an additional $20 million over the next two years to help pay for the school, which is slated to open in 2015.

Also Tuesday, the school board said it would grant a tax exoneration to the Mountain View Wesleyan Church in Bath, which had appealed a nearly $13,000 tax bill issued to it last year.

The church had been worshiping at a property on Scenic Drive, but moved to a new building on Deemers Rd. last year.

Congregation attorney, John Christmas, said the church had been paying property taxes on the Deemers Road land before it put up a new building.

Once the church was constructed, Mountain View should have been exempt, he said.

In other business, Northampton Area Students will have one less day off this school year.

District officials say Monday, April 21 will now be a regular school day thanks to the snow day declared on Feb. 13.