19-year-old dreamer rallies for citizenship

Posted: 10:06 PM EDT Aug 27, 2013   Updated: 12:04 AM EDT Aug 28, 2013

Activists and community leaders held a rally Tuesday in Bethlehem for the tens of thousands of children brought into this country illegally, kids often referred to as 'Dreamers'.

Among the speakers were Mayors Sal Panto of Easton and John Callahan of Bethlehem.

Angel Díaz, 19, who was brought to the country when she was three years old by her parents from Venezuela, also spoke.

Díaz says she applied for and was granted deferred action which provides temporary protection from deportation.

However Diaz, an NCC student and student president at the college, says her future remains unclear due to her undocumented status.

“I'm going to graduate, my presidential duties are done in May I'll graduate and I'm just going to pray, I'm hopeful that something will change my life,” she said.

Diaz says without papers, she's unable to receive financial aid and wonders how she will pay to fulfill her dream of going to law school and become an immigration lawyer.

Nevertheless, she remains hopeful and says she plans on giving back no matter what is in her future.

“I don't want people to feel sorry for me, if anything, this has been a bitter sweet blessing and experience, I don't think I'd be as humble I don't think I'd be such a hard worker being denied so many opportunities I think if anything it's changed my life and it's helped me change others,” she said.

The Deferred Action Policy was implemented over one year ago. According to the white house web site over 430 thousand young people have received deferred action as of July 31st of this year.