He's flown in more than 30 missions defending our country but John Robert Herb wants to fly one more time.

The former World War II Air Force gunner is 94.

Thursday, the staff at Galilee House in Nazareth helped their friend get his wish.

The plane is not the B-17 he flew in during World War II but John Robert Herb, known as "John Bob" was back in a plane.

"We used to fly out of this airport 40 years ago," said his son, Robert Herb. "He kept his airplane here. He's not used to being in the back seat of the airplane."

The plane took off from Braden Airport in Easton.

It turned out to be a shorter than planned trip because of the weather, but the excitement was still the same for the airman.

The trip is part of the "Wish for a Wishbone" program by Morning Star Senior Living, a program where staff members help residents fulfill their dreams.

"Our staff worked very hard to pull this off," said Susan Drabic, president and CEO of Morning Star Senior Living.

While John Bob got on the bus to head home, the staff was preparing a homecoming fit for a airman returning from combat.

John Bob was greeted by fellow veterans and the official Air Force Falcon Fight song was played on the trumpet.

John Bob lives at the Galilee House, a home for patients with the medical condition of dementia.

"Only time will tell how much he'll remember from this," said Herb.

Sgt. John R. Herb is a decorated war hero.

He received the presidential citation from President Franklin Roosevelt and all hope his latest mission will be one of his best.

"Makes me warm inside and makes me proud to be an American," added Herb.

And plenty of people thank John Bob for his service.