Acrobatic helicopter takes flight for Lehigh Valley Air Show

Posted: 5:13 PM EDT Aug 23, 2013   Updated: 7:15 PM EDT Aug 23, 2013

You'll have to do a lot of looking up if you want to see the action at this weekend's air show at the Lehigh Valley International Airport.

"Otto is a Schweizer 300-C," said pilot Roger Buis.

Otto can nearly fly upside-down, spin, twist and even fly backwards. The acrobatic helicopter is taking center sky during the Lehigh Valley Air Show.

"Otto is kind of a cool name. Put a clown face on Otto when we do the routine," Buis said.

Otto's pilot is a perfect match for his machine. Buis's routine is a three-part act of agility. Patriotism and comedy round out the show.

"Otto does a lot of things. Get's scolded, pouts, fesses up about some things he did," Buis explained.

Buis said it's a way to teach kids values, to listen to their parents and to never give up.

"Big thrill when kid comes up years later and say, 'I saw you,' or, 'I took a ride as a 10-year-old and now I'm flying for some company,' or whatever," he said.