The Bethlehem Area School District changed certain bus routes on Monday claiming that two roads in particular are simply inaccessible to buses.

The change in routes was the main reason behind the two hour delay for the school district on Monday.

"The buses just can't navigate either because they're slick or because the streets are narrowed to the point where it's difficult to make turns,” said Superintendent Joseph Roy.

One of the two streets is East Sixth Street in the south side of Bethlehem.

As an alternate, kids had to be dropped off and picked up several blocks away at two different spots on East Fourth Street.

Parents say they aren't too pleased with the change or the choice of location by the school district.

“This street is very busy, as you can see. Very busy and it's not a good idea having the buses here and the kids come off 'cause they could get hit by a car,” said Tassie Kelly who was waiting for her son at East Fourth and William Streets.

Meanwhile others expressed their disappointment with the city, “It's ridiculous, ridiculous, they get all this money from the Sands, and they don't bother to clean this part but they clean the business district,” said Edwin Luciano.

However, Superintendent Roy says he's been in close contact with the city, the mayor and even the police department about the issue and says there's only so much that can be done.

“They've been working 12 hour shifts, they have people working 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. nonstop around the clock. I mean, think of all the intersections in the city. You're not going to be able to move every snow pile, there's a lot of snow on the ground,” he said.

Roy adds neighbors should do their part as well in ensuring the safety of the children by properly clearing out sidewalks and especially making a path that's accessible from the sidewalk to the street itself.

“If that's not there, and you've walked the sidewalk, now you either have to climb over that big wall of snow or people aren't going to walk down the side walk, they're going to walk down the street,” he said.

As for the change in bus routes, Roy says it may last for the next several days or to the end of the week, during this time the district is asking parents to be prepared for buses to arrive late to bus stops.

All families impacted were informed of the changes via ParentLink phone message Sunday evening, according to the school district.