The city of Bethlehem swore in its new mayor Monday, whom takes the reigns from John Callahan, whom served as mayor for ten years.

His portrait hangs in Bethlehem City Hall, but after a decade as mayor, John Callahan has moved on.

In 2004, Callahan was sworn in to finish out Don Cunningham's term and followed with two of his own.

After losing a recent bid for Northampton County Executive, Callahan says he's done with politics for now.

He has several job offers, but isn't talking about them.

"Suffice it to say whatever I do after this I am still going to find a way to make a contribution and give back to the community," said Callahan.

Callahan enjoyed his time as Bethlehem Mayor and is pleased with the legacy he leaves behind.

"Those old remnants of the steel are all well on their way to being repurposed for a different use so we took what was once our biggest liability which was being home to the largest brownfied site in the country and really made it our best asset," said Callahan.

Callahan said he knows that Bob Donchez will make a good mayor and offered him some advice.

"Govern as a one term mayor, don't give a lot of regard to the politics, make the best decisions you can and then sort of consider the politics after the fact," said Callahan.