Big Bird statue made of Peeps makes debut in Bethlehem

Posted: 5:13 PM EDT Oct 28, 2013   Updated: 5:58 PM EDT Oct 28, 2013

He's tall and he's tasty. A seven-foot high Big Bird statue, made of Peeps candies, is now appearing at Bethlehem SteelStacks. 

"This is a huge Big Bird made entirely out of Peeps candies -- mostly chicks and bunnies and other shapes," said Matt Pye, with Just Born Quality Confections, which makes Peeps.  "About 4,000 pieces of Peeps candy were used."

A group of eager kids from Donegan Elementary School couldn't wait to meet the sweet statue Monday afternoon.

"I want to eat him!" said one student.

Pye said that might not be such a great idea.

"I wouldn't eat Big Bird right now because these Peeps have been sitting for a little bit," he said.  "We have sprayed Big Bird with a little bit of hair spray."

A family in Maryland created it back in April.

"There was a family that actually made this down there for a Peeps show contest," said Pye.

Believe it or not though, this is not the craziest thing that people have made out of Peeps.

"We've seen all sorts of different things," said Pye. "Bart Simpson made out of chicks, or even some of the minions from 'Despicale Me' made out of chicks."

Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch will be staying in the PBS39 lobby through Peeps Fest on New Year's Eve.

"We're on Sesame Street, so who's on Sesame Street but Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch?" said PBS39 CEO Tim Fallon.

That is, if some candy connoisseur doesn't eat them up first.