Bomb scares across the Lehigh Valley kept the Bethlehem Bomb Squad busy Wednesday night. They were dispatched to three incidents within three hours. All the calls turned out to be harmless, but local bomb squads tell 69 News they don't take any chances.

Bomb technicians with the Allentown Bomb Squad say 2 to 4 calls a month for a suspicious package or device is average. But this April they responded to about seven. Officials say people seem to be more on edge since the twin Boston Marathon bombings.

"That happens with any big event like that," explained Allentown Bomb Technician Chad Ege. "People get more suspicious and their alertness rises, which is a good thing."

Ege is one of four bomb techs on the squad. They're part time but always on call and ready to respond.

"If you feel strong enough that it's not right trust your gut, we're here for that," he said.

Local bomb squads have to be re-certified every three years, and undergo regular training throughout the year. The extensive training is because every call is different.

"We have to assess everything that we're looking at, the scenario, the threat, the environment that this threat is in," shared Ege.

They use high tech suits and equipment like x-rays to check out suspicious calls.

"We have a very nice robot that can reach out about a mile away so we can really be from a distance," added Ege. "It's all about safety these days and everyone needs to go home safely, so that's our main goal."

If you see anything you think is suspicious don't hesitate to call 911.