Upper Nazareth Township Resident Christie Mayder says she got quite a shock Monday when her 9-year-old autistic son got off the school bus from Nazareth Intermediate School.

"Brandon pulled a clip of bullets out of his pocket," said Christie Mayder.

That magazine similar to this one, was loaded with hollow-point bullets.

"They immediately mushroom as soon as they hit something," said David Falk, Mayder's fiance.

Falk says because Brandon has special needs he can't tell them where he got the clip of bullets.

So Mayder called police and school officials.

"My question is where from the bus to the school to school back on the bus to here did he come in contact with them? Were they on the ground, were they in the bus," said Mayder.

Upper Nazareth Police say the investigation into the matter has just begun but they confirm Brandon's school and another school whose students were on Brandon's bus were searched.

The bus company referred all questions about the incident to the school district.

69 News tried to reach out to school officials about the situation but because it was a snow day, they were unavailable for comment.

Mayder and Falk say they aren't blaming anyone they just want answers.

And they hope it's just a magazine and not a gun that's finding its way into small hands.

"I hope someone looks through their gun collection or their pistols and finds they are missing a magazine and comes," said Falk.

Police say anyone with information on the magazine and bullets is asked to call police.