The Lehigh Valley Auto Show is known for showing off the latest and greatest in cars, trucks and SUV's, but this year you can also get up close and personal with new models from the king of motorcycle manufacturers, Harley Davidson.

"It's the first time they've had motorcycles here," explained owner of Keystone Harley Davidson Bob Eggstein. "This is a great new addition to bring more customers and I think buyers into the market."

Whether it's a heavyweight, custom cruiser or touring bike you're into, you can see it all at the show.

"The big benefit is that it shows the full line of Harley Davidson motorcycles and that we pretty much can address any rider's needs," added Eggstein.

He said the interest has been phenomenal, with lots of folks stopping by to take a look. They even let you experience the thrill of the open road for yourself on the Harley Jumpstart. You get to ride the bike without actually going anywhere.

"It gives a rider the actual experience of sitting on a motorcycle, a real Harley Davidson motorcycle and going through the gears," shared Eggstein.

The Harleys will be on display for the entire auto show. It runs through Sunday at Bethlehem's Stabler Arena.

"We want to familiarize people with the brand. Obviously it's a luxury brand," said Eggstein. "We want to bring more people into the sport of motorcycling."