For a group of people in Bethlehem giving on Christmas Day means more than just presents. Their joy comes from serving those who are less fortunate.

The annual holiday brunch served by members of New Bethany Ministries, in Bethlehem, is a way to reach out and help others in need of a hot meal on Christmas Day.

"Priceless, remarkable, no words can express the way we are feeling today," said one woman taking part in the feast.

"It's an opportunity not just for the people that regularly come here, but for people who are without their families today," said Diane Elliot, the Executive Director of New Bethany Ministries.

Not only is there food for the hungry, there is a message for the soul.

"I can say to him as I can say to everyone of you, that God loves you, God loves us," said a religious minister present at the brunch.

"I love being here and I love the people here," said a man also taking part in the meal.

People feasted on eggs, pastries, and more. Children also got a toy from Santa.

These are gifts that Melissa Vaughn appreciates. For the last four months she's lived in a shelter with her five children.

"This year is a hard is a hard time for us this year.So actually we wouldn't have been having a big Christmas at all. So we're very thankful," Vaughn said.

It's a meal filled with glad tidings and joy. It's also a way for volunteers to show the true meaning of giving at Christmas.

"It's really nice to be here during the holidays because this is what Christmas is supposed to be about. Sometimes we lose sight of that with all the commercialism, but being here keeps everything in perspective," Elliot said.