Deadly accident victim's boyfriend speaks out

Posted: 10:00 PM EDT Sep 06, 2013   Updated: 11:41 PM EDT Sep 06, 2013

A woman was hit by an ice cream delivery truck at 18th and Tilghman streets Thursday afternoon. Friday, flowers and candles mark the spot where 42-year-old Evandora Wheeler was killed. Loved ones tell us she walked to the store from her house a few blocks away.

"She went to get these capsules right here," explained Melvin Spence III.

Evandora's boyfriend of 19 years is still in shock. He says all he wants to do is turn back time.

"She said she would come back," Melvin shared. "She always said she'd come back and I believed her."

But Evandora didn't come back.

It's not very clear how the accident happened. Police say around 4PM Thursday an ice cream truck driver had just finished a delivery at the nearby Dollar General, and somehow Evandora ended up underneath the truck. Melvin never saw her again.

"Left out of here at 3:30 yesterday, she walked down the street, that was my last good memory of her," he said.

Melvin says Evandora had a great personality, was funny and full of joy. He's sad to lose the woman he shared nearly two decades with.

"It's always the good people that leave early, always."

The coroner says the death was an accident. Allentown Police are still investigating.