Donchez, Reynolds detail economic agendas

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Apr 30, 2013   Updated: 7:25 PM EDT May 01, 2013

The men who are fighting to become the next mayor of Bethlehem are laying out their economic platforms.

City Councilman Robert Donchez held a news conference Wednesday day at Lehigh Valley Industrial Park One in Bethlehem.

Donchez says communication between Bethlehem city government and businesses is essential especially as Allentown and Easton try to rebound.

"We really have to be progressive and aggressive in, again, recruiting businesses but also retention of businesses and I also think we have to tap our technology areas like Ben Franklin and our Pi programs," said Donchez.

He says keeping companies that start in Bethlehem inside the city will provide jobs and expand the tax base.

Meantime Donchez' rival, fellow City Councilman William Reynolds, laid out his economic plan earlier this week.

Similarly, Reynolds says the city's relationships with businesses and business incubators are key to good economic development.

He also says economic development is key to a smooth-running city hall.

"You can say all you want about places you want to cut, things you want to do in city hall but if you look at the history of the city, the history of the economy. The one thing that drives successful budget in city hall is economic development," said Reynolds.

Reynolds and Donchez are Democrats.

Whoever wins this month's primary election will likely be the next mayor since no major Republicans, independents or write-in candidates have stepped forward.