A Northampton County man accused of trying to burn down a rival business is also facing drug charges after authorities said they found methamphetamine while serving an arrest warrant on the alleged arson.

Authorities charged Stefan A. Skweir, of the 600 block of East 10th Street in Northampton borough, with possession with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance, marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Investigators served Skweir with a warrant for arson-related offenses on Sept. 15. Authorities found in his possession a plastic bag containing meth, according to court records.

He allegedly told investigators that he gives the meth to his employees, but does not charge them for it. Police also found a plastic bag of marijuana and two pipes in his vehicle.

District Judge Jacob Hammond arraigned the 42-year-old Tuesday afternoon on the drug charges. Hammond had also arraigned Skweir on the arson charges, setting bail in that case at $100,000.

Skweir posted bail in that case on Sept. 16, and he remains free on $25,000 unsecured bail on the drug charges.

Pennsylvania State Police allege Skweir, the owner of ANS Coins, hired someone to burn down AD Gold Exchange in North Whitheall Township in September 2011. Investigators said they found a rock thrown through the front window and the remnants of a plastic gas can inside.

Skweir’s former employees reportedly provided investigators with information linking him to the fire and evidence suggests he harassed the owner and employees of AD Gold Exchange, according to court records.

Authorities allege a second man, James A. Stettner, had a hand in the arson. Police charged the 54-year-old Slatington man with two counts of arson and one count of criminal solicitation, all felonies.

His preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled for Thursday.

Like the case against Skweir, former ANS Coins employees allegedly linked Stettner to the blaze. Investigators allege he put Skweir in contact with a third person and paid the individual $5,000 to break into AD Gold and set a fire.

Stettner allegedly told a former ANS employee that Skweir agreed to pay him or have him find someone else to set the fire.