Family, friends gather to remember fire victims

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Published: Oct 04 2013 10:00:24 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 04 2013 11:48:04 PM EDT

A memorial service Friday night honored the three people who died in a fire in Easton earlier this week.

Joy Lozier, her four-year-old son Makai Peters and her cousin James Strickland were killed in the fire on Spring Garden Street. The fire broke out early Monday morning.

"The service was very nice, it was very amazing. It wasn't so much sad, I think people just enjoyed memories they had of the family," said Jerrisha McCrae, who runs the childcare center Makai attended.

"Joy just took my heart from the day I met her. She was almost seven and from the time she was seven until she got out of high school, I've been with Joy, tutored, mentored," said Sandra Riley, who knew Lozier and Strickland when they were young and stayed in touch with Lozier over the years. "Not two weeks ago she just sent me new pictures of her boys so it's the last thing I got from her."

"I don't know who named her why but it fit her perfectly," added Riley.

Investigators say the fire started in the dryer area on the second floor of the house and the dryer was not properly vented. There were also no working smoke detectors, according to fire investigators.

"Makai was an amazing kid, he loved to read he loved to eat, he was the first one at the table for lunch and snack," said McCrae. "We came up with a scholarship so we can help little Gregory, his brother, for him to attend Wilson Borough Childcare free of tuition and even before and after school and transportation to elementary school through middle school."