An Allentown police officer is saying good-bye to law enforcement and hello to public office.

Daryl Hendricks officially took office as an Allentown councilman on Monday night, after more than 30 years as a police officer.

Hendricks started his career as a police officer in 1976 with the South Whitehall Township Police Department, before becoming an Allentown cop two years later.

"There I then spent the next 36 years up until Christmas Day of this year," Hendricks said.

As a councilmember, Hendricks looks to lead the Public Safety Committee.

"We have to do something with expansion of the police department, with all of the developing going on downtown. Public safety will be a primary concern," Hendricks said.

Hendricks said that includes beefing up manpower and equipment. But it's not just reducing crime rates and promoting safety that he wants to accomplish.

"A lot of people think policing is going after homicide and bank robbers, but really it's dealing with those everyday infractions and quality of life," Hendricks said.

Hendricks plans on using his know-how on handling day-to-day responsibilities as a cop to improve situations that affect the average person.

"Loud noise, graffiti, littering, traffic violators, those are the things that really bother people and the things I have a lot of experience dealing with," Hendricks said.

Traffic will also be a big focus as the city continues to grow and evolve.

"I have a lot of insight when it comes to traffic. That will be another issue downtown in determining how people will come in and leave the city," Hendricks said.