Forks supervisors are holding off on plans to re-advertise for a zoning map change after more than 20 residents expressed concerns.

Residents argued they would face decreased property values and increased traffic safety hazards if township officials opened the door for density apartments.

The area in question is between the northern Forks Village development, Sullivan Trail and Kesslerville Road on either side, and by Newlins Road on the south.

Resident Rodney Michael said he was disappointed that the rezoning would allow high density housing in the properties surrounding his neighborhood. Michael said the open space that had initially attracted his family to the area would be threatened.

“We didn’t want to live in Easton. We didn’t want to live in College Hill,” he said. “We wanted to live in Forks Township.”

Supervisor Dan Martyak said the probability of such density was minimal because of site conditions.

“That’s a flood plain,” he said. “You can’t even build there anyway.”

However, he said he would not support the zoning change unless it was legally necessary.

Solicitor Wendy Nicolosi said the proposed map change was the township’s attempt to have fair share zoning.

“There’s no place to put [an apartment] under our current zoning, and legally you can’t do that,” she said.

Without any property zoned to allow for apartment development, the township would be left vulnerable to lawsuits, she said.

A zoning ordinance hearing was originally scheduled for Sep. 15, but was tabled after officials decided that any map changes should reflect Suburban Residential, not Suburban Residential-1 zoning.

Following resident comments, supervisors decided to discuss the proposed zoning change at an upcoming work session before making a final decision on whether to re-advertise.